The Community


The original Port Richey Chamber of Commerce that tripled as library and real estate office.

Did you know....?

Port Richey became known as such starting in 1883, when Aaron McLaughlin Richey settled off the bank of Pithlachascotee River with his family. He set up a post office and acted as Post Master.

Port Richey was incorporated as a municipality on May 18,  1925, and is located in West Pasco County in the state of Florida.

The first Fire Station in Port Richey that doubled as City Hall was dedicated in July 1961 at 7824 Grand Blvd.

City Hall was moved to 6333 Ridge Road in 2002.

Gulf View Square Mall was opened in 1980 in Port Richey.

Gulf View Square, 1980



Our Local Government & Administration:

Mayor John Eric Hoover                           Vice Mayor Linda Rodriguez

City Councilman Tom Kinsella                              City Manager Matthew W. Coppler

Operations Manager Sal Licari                  City Clerk Ashlee McDonough

City Website: 

Address:    6333 Ridge Road, Port Richey, FL 34668

Phone Number:     (727) 816 1900


Hours:     Monday through Friday from 8:00AM EST to 4:00PM EST

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